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Gothic Meditation

The story of a Gothic who goes to the ruin to meditate. She decides to ...

Updated: Jan 26, 2008 2:35pm PST

Jessy en....

Nog niet de finale versies, maar hier kan je al mee vertrekken denk ik ...

Updated: Jan 15, 2008 4:07pm PST

Melissa VH

Model: Melissa VH Visagie: Helena Van Meer Suggestion for viewing: ...

Updated: Sep 14, 2006 2:51pm PST


Updated: Dec 03, 2007 2:12pm PST


Model: Kimberly Visagie: Helena Van Meer Suggested styles for view ...

Updated: Sep 14, 2006 2:08pm PST

Jessy - March 2006

A new photoshoot with Jesssy. Visagie: Els Van Roy : http://www.sil ...

Updated: Mar 27, 2006 2:50pm PST

St. Elisabeth 2012

Studenten presenteren hun eindejaarswerken. Ik wens de privacy te res ...

Updated: Jun 28, 2012 3:16pm PST

Bodypaint Putte 2008

This year's bodypaint competition in Putte gave me again some nice pic ...

Updated: Nov 12, 2008 2:01pm PST


Updated: Dec 10, 2005 3:02pm PST

The 4 elements

The 4 elements (air, earth, water, fire) visualised with model. Model ...

Updated: Jul 24, 2008 9:01am PST


I love to take pictures of beautiful young models, and Jessy definitel ...

Updated: Mar 05, 2005 1:08pm PST

The 4 seasons

Model: Melissa van Hoydonck Make-up: Helena Van Meer

Updated: Jun 02, 2007 1:24pm PST

Body Paint Putte 2007

For a link to the organizing organization:

Updated: Nov 16, 2007 1:58pm PST

Maskerade 2007 Venlo

Because of Smugmug's strict policies I can only show you a small selec ...

Updated: May 26, 2007 2:07pm PST

Models on old moto

Pictures taken at the Belgium Digital Models Shooting day. It was a p ...

Updated: Mar 05, 2005 1:10pm PST

Maskerade Venray (Bodypaint)

May 15, 2006 International Body and Face Paint event. For more infor ...

Updated: Oct 21, 2006 12:06pm PST

International Body Artists at work (Artists)

Artists at work...Theme: Earth, Wind and Fire. Nov 6, 2005 Putte, Bel ...

Updated: Oct 21, 2006 12:23pm PST

Jessy outdoors

The Antwerp harbour offered us the backgrounds we were looking for.

Updated: Mar 05, 2005 1:11pm PST

Living Statues

Pictures from the Belgian championship Living Statues in Ostend Aug 7, ...

Updated: Aug 19, 2005 4:50pm PST

Face paintings

Started sharing a few face paintings.

Updated: May 27, 2006 8:01am PST

For Willy

Groot formaat foto's voor Willy. Kies "Original" formaat voor maximum ...

Updated: Sep 22, 2007 3:39pm PST

Body paintings

Unfortunately, I have to remove my bodypaint galleries from Smugmug. ...

Updated: May 26, 2006 1:51pm PST


Historical dresses.

Updated: Jul 20, 2005 5:07pm PST


Imaginary creatures

Updated: May 23, 2006 4:22pm PST


Hieronder een goede illustratie van wat ik interessant zou vinden om m ...

Updated: Sep 11, 2007 4:25pm PST

Taste of Drums 2010

Updated: Feb 21, 2010 9:39am PST


"Il Corso": Performance photographed in Balen (Belgium) during the Str ...

Updated: Jan 26, 2008 2:39pm PST

Graffiti artists and their work

August 19, 2007 : 30 international graffiti artists are finishing thei ...

Updated: Aug 20, 2007 3:51pm PST

A taste of Drums 2006

Complete album.

Updated: Nov 08, 2006 4:48pm PST

A taste of Drums 2005 - Best of

All shots done with Canon 5D and 70-200/2.8 L IS USM at 1600 ISO. All ...

Updated: Oct 31, 2005 1:50pm PST

KBBJN Recital 2007

Updated: May 30, 2007 4:59pm PST


Rythmix Best of selection

Updated: Oct 14, 2005 1:52pm PST

In a balloon

This is a scene from "Eurostation", a show performed at Midwinter even ...

Updated: Mar 05, 2005 1:06pm PST

Art Color Ballet (Poland) - Maskerade 2007

Venray 2007 Bodypaint and Facepaint festival with a ballet by the "Art ...

Updated: May 22, 2007 3:46pm PST

Fiesta Latina

Olen, July 17, 2005 Sonbancan

Updated: Jul 17, 2005 2:45pm PST

Transition effect

Updated: Feb 18, 2007 1:14pm PST

Ice sculptures Bruges 2003

Theme: Welcome in the world of Gods.

Updated: Dec 30, 2004 4:06pm PST

Snow & Ice - Antwerp 2004

Theme: The world of Rubens.

Updated: Dec 30, 2004 4:42pm PST

A taste of drums

"A tast of drums" is the name of a local band who use only percussion ...

Updated: Sep 04, 2004 1:44pm PST


Updated: Jul 17, 2005 1:55pm PST

Line 5 jaar

Updated: Jul 03, 2006 7:22am PST

KBBJN Recital 2006

Updated: May 26, 2006 1:47pm PST


3 Days in Lyons-La-Foret, Etretat and Mont-Saint-Michel.

Updated: Apr 22, 2006 4:30pm PST

Friends and family

Updated: Oct 21, 2005 3:05pm PST


These pictures were taken at Tongerlo, August 2002.

Updated: Oct 21, 2005 2:51pm PST

Val de L'Our

Feb 2006 We enjoyed a few days of holidays in the Ardennes (Belgium).

Updated: Mar 25, 2006 3:42pm PST

Beguinage Herentals

Beguinage church has just been renovated. Today, the beguinage was re ...

Updated: Nov 27, 2005 1:08pm PST

Isabelle en ...

Het huwelijksfeest.

Updated: Nov 12, 2005 12:43pm PST

KBBJN Recital 2005

Again a great performance.

Updated: Oct 21, 2005 1:55pm PST

Ballet - older

Updated: Oct 21, 2005 3:08pm PST

Beekse bergen

A park in the south of the Netherlands.

Updated: Oct 21, 2005 2:31pm PST


Some pictures from our Summer holidays in Krete (West part) in 2003.

Updated: Aug 03, 2005 5:05pm PST

Canon 24-105/4 L IS USM tests

On Canon 5D

Updated: Jun 28, 2009 6:09am PST


Rythmix fotoverslag 11 oktober 2005

Updated: Oct 14, 2005 12:56pm PST


September 2005 Hot, hot, hot...

Updated: Oct 20, 2005 4:26pm PST


Updated: Aug 10, 2006 2:48pm PST


Updated: Sep 08, 2005 3:49pm PST

Bruges in sepia

The Venice of the North in an old sepia style

Updated: Sep 06, 2005 4:02pm PST

Fire work

Fire work Blankenberge Aug 5 2005

Updated: Dec 18, 2005 2:08pm PST

test 2

Updated: Aug 07, 2005 1:54pm PST


Updated: Aug 07, 2005 1:53pm PST


Updated: Oct 21, 2005 2:55pm PST


A selection of panoramas. Check them out in original format!

Updated: Aug 02, 2005 4:02pm PST


The Mullerthal region in Luxemburg is also called "Small Swiss". Very ...

Updated: Aug 01, 2005 3:54pm PST

In motion (series)

Starting from static position, evolving to highly dynamic action. Dan ...

Updated: Mar 05, 2005 1:19pm PST

For Ria

Updated: Oct 20, 2005 12:04pm PST


Late forecast didn't look promising, so I only took ...

Updated: Jul 17, 2005 3:05pm PST


A 3 day city trip in Paris with my family. Here is my selection (tryi ...

Updated: Jul 17, 2005 1:15pm PST

Barcelona, city of Gaudi

Gaudi has given some architectural unique buildings to the city, which ...

Updated: Sep 05, 2004 1:59pm PST


I had a few hours in between two showers in this Polish city. I have ...

Updated: Apr 04, 2005 4:08pm PST


One of the most beautiful and interesting cities in Europe with a very ...

Updated: Apr 04, 2005 3:57pm PST


A few days walking around in Spa (Belgium). Although it was raining m ...

Updated: Sep 02, 2005 4:24pm PST


Updated: Mar 28, 2006 2:44pm PST


One evening in the harbour of Gdynia, a Polish city very near to Gdans ...

Updated: Apr 04, 2005 4:11pm PST


Updated: Sep 26, 2005 1:20pm PST


If you like are a few special ones.

Updated: May 09, 2005 4:24pm PST

My own favorites

My personal favorites for the "4-your-top-50-photos" community. This ...

Updated: Jul 24, 2008 9:02am PST

KBBJN Recital 2004

In memory of a great recital.

Updated: Mar 05, 2005 1:23pm PST

Ballet KBBJN

Recital 2003 dance school KBBJN, Belgium, Deurne. For more informatio ...

Updated: Apr 04, 2005 4:12pm PST

Snow sceneries

These pictures are actually color pictures, but the snow has converted ...

Updated: Mar 05, 2005 1:29pm PST

A selection of sceneries

A selection of a variety of sceneries...more to come.

Updated: Mar 28, 2006 2:39pm PST

Krakus generale repetitie

Password is the last name of Daria.

Updated: Nov 21, 2004 12:39pm PST

Krakus show

Best of selection

Updated: Oct 21, 2005 2:24pm PST

RAW converter CS vs Fuji EX

CS vs Fuji EX RAW converter for Fuji S2 Pro RAW format All are 200% c ...

Updated: Sep 04, 2004 2:58pm PST

Krakus show deel 1

Password is the last name of Daria.

Updated: Oct 21, 2005 2:21pm PST

Exciting forms

Updated: Sep 26, 2005 1:19pm PST

Test Canon 24 mm TS-E II vs 17-40 vs 24-105

Test done on Canon 5DII. All on tripod, live view for focus and manua ...

Updated: Jul 01, 2009 3:32pm PST

South West US

Updated: Jul 24, 2009 10:04pm PST

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My own favorites

My personal favorites for the "4-your-top-50-photos" community. This ...

Updated: Jul 24, 2008 9:02am PST

The 4 elements

The 4 elements (air, earth, water, fire) visualised with model. Model ...

Updated: Jul 24, 2008 9:01am PST

Gothic Meditation

The story of a Gothic who goes to the ruin to meditate. She decides to ...

Updated: Jan 26, 2008 2:35pm PST

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